The Bird of Paradise Flower is native to South Africa which is particularly well known for its exotic colors and the name is given to this flower for its fantastic resemblance with the bird of paradise. The Bird of Paradise plant has the leaves similar to banana leaves which are 30–200 cm long and 10–80 cm broad. They are having long blades which are arranged strictly in two ranks to form a fan-like crown of evergreen foliage. Normally, the Birds of Paradise plant can obtain a height of 4 feet.

The bird of paradise flower ( Image : Lawrence Chard )
The bird of paradise flower ( Image : Lawrence Chard )

But overall, the most magnificent part of the bird of paradise plant is its chromatic flower. The bird of Paradise flower comprises of three upright orange sepals and three highly modified vivid blue petals. The inner bracts of the bird of paradise flower are very brilliant and normally they have orange or bright yellow petals. The breeding part is the central bluish petal which extends away from the stamens.

An exotic Bird of paradise flower ( Image : Selina Pearson )

The prominent sub species of the bird of paradise flower include African Desert Banana, Crane Lily and Wild Banana Plant.

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