Claudia Lynx

Glorious Persian people possess stunning facial features and appearances. They have inherited the most remarkable racial heritage along with phenomenal aesthetics. Iran has an ancient and worthy past due to which the Iranians reflect the soothing and luxurious impressions through their lifestyles. Obviously, it has also elegantly resulted in their […]

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, singer, song writer, painter and poet, is one of the most influential figures in music and culture of the 20th century. Dylan’s influence on music and culture is mostly attributed to his voice and lyrics. The power of his voice and lyrics are at their best in his […]

Francine Prieto

It is a strong belief that the desirability about the Asian women has always remained high for their distinguished and attractive features. Same is the case with the entertainment world, where mind-blowing characteristics of the Asian women are naturally considered significant. We’ll talk about the showbiz women from the Republic of […]

Lindsay Price

We’ve a long list of the popular actresses of the world who are equally appreciated on silver screens and also on small screens as well. This is Part-IV of that series. These all artists are well known for their tremendous performances in all mediums of entertainment, like film, television, theater or advertisements. As we have categorized them in six parts of 50 actresses each alphabetically. In this forth part, you’ll find gorgeous images of 50 […]

Shaan Shahid

It was not an easy job to select the best and the most famous male actors who are related to Bollywood, Lollywood and drama, theater industries of the Indian sub-continent in the lovely planet. There are numerous male performing artists and actors from Pakistan and India, who amuse their fans and viewers with their electrifying performances and unique appearances or […]