Trees are pretty much all over the place, and we use their wood in our daily lives. But there are probably a lot of things about trees that you didn’t know. An average sized tree can absorb as much as 50 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, which is about […]

All plants are pretty incredible, but flowers can be particularly beautiful and therefore get a lot of the attention. Here are some cool facts that will make you love and appreciate them even more. 1. In the 17th century in Holland tulips were so revered that they were considered more […]

Oregon is one state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is ever growing in popularity as people continue to move to the area, and a really fun vacation spot as well for people who love outdoor activities. The state’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. If you […]

by Charles Fredby Charles Fred

Mount Lebanon is one of the most famous historic spot in the country, which was once adorned with the extensive reserves of Cedar trees. Today this tree is the national emblem of Lebanon. This tree reserve, which is called as Cedars of God, is today shrunk to a very small […]

A marvelous view of Monarch migration - Photo by jmadjedi

Every year millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from Mexico to Canada. There are many tremendous venues that host the Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) in their route during their migration every year from October to March. Population of this magnificent aphid has gone down over the years. During their migration, you could see […]