The shoebill is noted for its slow movements. Photo by pelican

5 images of the Grey Shoebill of the central tropical Africa  1- The shoebill is distributed in freshwater swamps of central tropical Africa, from southern Sudan through parts of eastern Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, western Tanzania and northern Zambia.  2- The Shoebill is a large stork-like bird and it derives its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill. […]

Coconut octopus of the Pacific ocean is an astonishing creature

Coconut octopus is an astonishing creature which is native to the sandy bottoms in bays or lagoons of the Pacific ocean. It is also known as veined octopus and biologically named as Amphioctopus marginatus having a surprising feature of frequently burying itself in the sand with only its eyes uncovered. Coconut octopus commonly preys upon shrimp, […]

Tibetan Crane - Grus nigricollis - Image by PL Tandon

Cranes are large, long-legged and long-necked birds. 15 species of this wonderful bird live worldwide and out of which 5 dazzling cranes are found in Pakistan. Their numbers are dangerously decreased due to hunting and as they are sought after as pet birds and hunted in the North-West in particular. 1. Demoiselle […]

Comb-crested Jacana, the charming prince of wetlands - Photo by Geoff Whalan

Comb-crested Jacana is a long legged and black crowned water bird native to the South East Asia and it is particularly known for its plump and red wattle. For it’s beautiful crown and red wattle why not call it as the charming prince of wetlands? Some people also recognize this bird as Lilytrotter or the Lotusbird as it […]

Beluga Sturgeon - Image by C Simmons

5 facts about Beluga Sturgeon: The sea monster in danger Beluga is an Anadromous endemic to the Caspian and Black Sea basins. Anadromous fishes are ones that migrate from the sea into fresh water to spawn; or, ones that stay entirely in fresh water and migrate upstream to spawn. Beluga is also known as European […]

Anthias by Peter Liu Photography

Anthias are very vital in their reef community and are so much popular in the coral reef photography and filming. The anthias are members of the family Serranidae (basses, basslets, groupers) and make up the subfamily Anthiinae. Anthias are protogynous hermaphrodites. All anthias are born female; if a dominant male perishes, the […]