halwa puri breakfast

You would hardly found a Lahori who is not fond of good food, and you would never found a Lahori food lover who is not a fan of  delicious Halwa Puri.

halwa puri breakfast

Delicious Halwa Puri is a traditional Pakistani and Indian breakfast dish. It is also a favorite menu item at wedding ceremonies. Halwa (the cream of Semolina) is prepared from semolina, dry fruits, sugar, cooking oil and a pinch of yellow food color. Crispy and puffed puri is made of finely-milled wheat flour (maida flour) and salt. It is deep fried in oil. Traditionally Halwa Puri is served with spicy curry of chickpeas and potatoes. Ingredients of chickpeas curry are potatoes, chickpeas, spices and chili.

suji halwa

For Halwa Puri fans, there is nothing like a delicious halwa puri breakfast served with Lassi. Halwa Puri is available in major cities of the UK, Canada and the USA.

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