Italian Braciola

Braciola is an Italian dish – perhaps one of the most iconic dishes in Italian cuisine.

Italian Braciola

Braciola can be prepared in many styles and all recipes of Braciola are equally flavorful. Usually, it is prepared by laying out the pounded beef with cloves and garlic spread over it. Topping of salt, pepper, parsley and parmesan cheese are used to add taste. Then it is rolled on and tied from both ends. Sometimes tooth pick are also used and the meat is secured tightly. This can also be cooked in Italian sausages, with or without tomato, and olive oil. Braciola is heated to the extent of making it light brown from all sides and then it cooked until tender; almost for one and half hour.

Instead of preparing the dish as one large roll, this can also be done in individual sized rolls called Involtini.

Braciole is not only exclusively eaten as a main dish, but also as served as side dish at dinner, or as snacks.

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