Whenever street sports are talked about, the sub continent region cannot be covered without mentioning Gilli Danda. It is one of the most popular games for the rural youth of India and Pakistan. It is also played in some parts of Cambodia.

Gilli Danda Game

This game is somehow in resemblance with a sport known as Lippa and Tipcat that was played popularly in European countries.  Not typical sort of game stuff is required for playing Gilli Danda. It is played with two items and both are made of wood. Danda is main stick and that is normally prepared by the player himself and the technique is to make it swing easily while using. Gilli is a small wooden stick having a length approximately of 4 to 6 inches.

The game is all about striking hard the Gilli with the Danda. And for this purpose a circle is made where it is played. A small oblong hole is dug and the Gilli is inserted on a specific angle and then it is hit with technique. The gilli flies in the air and the opponent player tries to catch it and throw towards the Danda which lies on the hole. If it hit the Danda, the striker loses otherwise, the striker gets one score and he is ready for another strike. He has three chances for hitting the Gilli failing which he is considered out of the game. The team with highest score wins the match.

This game has cultural significance in Indo Pak region having its historical background. Some historians also believe that Cricket was originated from this sport known as ‘Gilli Danda’

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