Pakistani Bridal Dresses

A perfect wedding wear is a dream of a Pakistani girl on her marriage day because the wedding rites in Pakistan carry a special significance. The preparation of the formal dresses for this festive occasion is a very extraordinary tradition. The Pakistani bride desires it to be charming and memorable as she wants to look stunning throughout the ceremony.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

The wedding dress for the brides varies in styles and desigs from traditional bridal ware to modern designs or fusion of both. Most bridal dresses are custom made. The fabric, design, colors, stitching, embroidery, jewelry, shoes, make up etc. are all designed to match and complement one another.

Formal bridal dresses in Pakistan include Lehenga, Gharara, Sharara, Shalwar Kameez, Kurta Pajama, Trouser Suit, and Saree etc.

Pakistani bridal ware

Some of the wedding attires like Ghararas and Lehengas are very popular in Indo Pak region. Gharrara was originated in the Indian city, Lucknow during the era of Nawabs. At that time it was considered a typical elite dress used by women of upper class. Nowadays these dresses are used by the brides on their wedding days which not only reflect the rich cultural tradition but also add peerless charm in their look.

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