Tango Dance

Whenever we hear the names of famous songwriter Carlos Gardel, composers like Mariano Mores and musicians like Osvaldo Pugliese and Ástor Piazzola, we think about the Argentine Tango. This is the traditional and social dance of Argentine.

The word tango denotes a place where African slaves and free blacks gathered to dance. The admixing of the immigrants from different regions of the world in Argentina in the nineteenth century resulted in the amalgamation of new cultural traditions in the country in the fields of music and dances.  The accustomed  polkas, waltzes and mazurkas were mingled with the famous habanera from Cuba and the candombe rhythms from Africa.

Tango Dance

In that era, most of the immigrants were single males and came to Argentine for getting the good fortunes in their economics. And being away from their families in the exile conditions they developed Tango as the expression of their esoteric, agonizing and desperate thoughts.

But with the passage of time it put tremendous effects on the general public as it was adapted by all the segments of the society.  Specially when the elite of Argentine moved to the other countries of the world , they introduced them to the Argentine Tango and it got world popularity.

Today, there are many styles of Tango including Uruguayan tangoBallroom tango(American and International styles), Finnish tango, and vintage tangos.

Argentine tango dancing contains many styles that developed in different regions and eras. This is performed in an embrace that can vary from very open, in which leader and follower connect at arms length, to very closed, in which the connection is chest-to-chest, or anywhere in between.  The movements in Tango are related to walking with a partner and music. The speed of the dance is an important factor while dancing. The dancers normally keep their feet close to the floor as they walk, the ankles and knees brushing as one leg passes the other. It  is danced counterclockwise around the outside of the dance floor.

Tango Dancer Couple

Stage tango is known as fantasia and is more theatrical and embellished than social tango. Watching it live is an amazing experience while enjoying the Tango Orchestra as well. The beats of bandoneon put so compelling repercussions to the listener.

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