Choosing a honeymoon destination is no small feat, after all most newlyweds want their travel experience to be as relaxing as possible following the big day. Here are some of the best places to visit when ocean front (or on top of ocean) accommodations are on your wish list.

Bora Bora


Bora Bora is an incredibly popular place for honeymooners, and yet it never gets overcrowded. The South Pacific island is only six miles long and two miles wide and it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world with lush greenery and clear water. It is particularly appealing to honeymooners because of the accommodations. The island has gorgeous villas available that are literally on top of the water. They are arranged in a way for total privacy and yet they remain close enough to land to hop off and grab food or do some activities on the island.

The Maldives


There are over 1,000 islands that make up the Maldives so there are plenty of places to choose from when you’re booking a honeymoon. The Maldives also offers private villas right on top of the crystal clear water and the weather is always gorgeous. Activities you might be interested in include scuba diving around the coral reef or just ordering up an in room couple’s massage.



Fiji has actually been referred to as the most romantic place on earth, and it’s a popular honeymooning spot for the celebrity set of the world. One thing that feels different about Fiji than a lot of other island clusters, is the feeling of real seclusion. Fiji is more than 1,300 miles from the coast of New Zealand, so you can truly embrace the feeling of being (safely and temporarily) marooned on an island. Skip the tourist attractions and check out some real island life, including watching men walk over hot coals and tasting the popular kava drink that might make your lips go numb.



Tahiti doesn’t get as much love as places like Bora Bora with the honeymooning set because it’s beaches are not quite as post card ready being of the darker variety, but compared to a lot of places Tahiti is doing just fine! Tahiti has miles of beachfront resorts and gorgeous leafy forests. The water is warm and the resorts are luxurious. If you like to feel slightly off the beaten path but still living the life of luxury, Tahiti might be the place for you. Hint: to save money on the trip you can take a cruise in as opposed to flying. Tahiti is a French Polynesian spot so the main language spoken is French.



Kauai has it all, the gorgeous warm waters that every honeymooner desires but also lots of activities to keep you busy if you’re not the type who likes to lounge half the day. The island is a little less fussy and more straightforward than the other Hawaiian islands, and some areas can literally only be explored by foot. (There are only two major highways on the island!) Most of the activities are outdoors so pack your hiking boots, sunscreen, and your rain gear…since it’s one of the wetter islands in the area.


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  1. I’ve only been to Tahiti but that Maldives place looks like Paradise and I think I wanna go there someday. Just turned 18 last February so marriage is still not an option; however, I will definitely surprise my “soon-to-be wife” one day with this. Thanks to your blog post also. 🙂

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