In some areas of the world getting around on bicycle is the preferred form of transportation. The reasons vary from people choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle and get lots of exercise, to just finding it easier than driving around in congested areas. Here are some of the more popular biking cities in the world.


In Portland about 8 percent of people commuting to work take their bikes, which makes it one of the busiest bike towns in the Unites States. (That’s more than ten times the amount of bike commuting going on in most of the country.) Besides being a great way to stay healthy, encouraging so much biking in the area is also an effort to keep the naturally beautiful town as clean as possible for years to come.


Bogota is extremely congested on the streets so many people get around that by choosing to ride bikes. The city has 234 miles worth of bike paths and lanes that can be utilized when sitting in traffic doesn’t sound appealing. They actually removed a lot of parking spots on the sides of streets to make the bike lanes larger, which brought it up to one of the biggest bicycling systems in the world.


Paris has made it pretty easy to get around on bike, both by offering lots of safe bike paths and also having bikes that can rented for people who either don’t have their own or only need one for a period of time. Paris even has made the decision to close some of its roads down on Sundays but keep them open to bicyclists to encourage the greener form of transportation to protect their city.


Budapest is pretty easy to get around via public transportation, but the amount of people choosing to ride bikes continues to grow as well. Budapest has tons of bike paths that have nice views along the water and pleasant greenery, which makes biking there a truly nice experience in addition to a convenient one. Many of the bike paths are also shared with pedestrians, so anyone biking there for the first time will want to get aquatinted with the protocol to make sure they’re following the rules of sharing the path.


Barcelona Spain is very easy to get around in by bike. There are lots of bike paths and also bikes to rent. Plus, there are bike trails that are more challenging than a city street for people who really want to get in a workout. It’s also possible to take bicycle¬†tours which can be a nice way to see the city when you’re visiting from out of town and want to get the lay of the land.


Montreal has enough bike paths that it is possible to get around the entire city by bicycle. They also have a bike share program called Bixi Montreal that has been in place since 2009. For a small fee people can check out bikes from the bike stations which is handy when you only need to bike one direction, or when you’re visiting and don’t have your own bike on hand.


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