Traveling does not necessarily have to be dangerous, but anytime you’re in a new place or are carrying important documents on you there are some considerations to be had, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Here are some ways to stay safe while traveling that will lift some of your worries and leave you free to enjoy your vacation.

Make Electronic Copies Of Your Documents

You don’t want to anticipate losing any important paperwork on a trip, but just in case it’s good to make copies of it before you leave and then email them to yourself that you will have access to them on your phone or any computer with internet. It’s good to make copies of pretty much everything including your immunization record, itinerary, medical insurance card, passport, visas, plane tickets, and travel insurance.

Split Up Your Valuables

Instead of carrying all your money and ID’s in one wallet, try to put them in different safe spots on your body. This is some security in the case that you get pickpocketed, since they won’t get everything at once. However don’t put anything in your back pockets or in the small zipper front pouch on a rear facing backpack, that’s just too easy for pickpockets who often target tourists. It is also a good idea to leave anything you don’t need during the day in your hotel safe just to be precautious. Anything that’s too valuable like jewelry shouldn’t be taken on the trip at all, it’s just safer to cut out the possibility of theft.

Get Travel Insurance

Your health insurance might cover some things, but other things like injury in another country might not be covered. It’s generally safer to check out some travel insurance options to make sure you’re totally covered. (Or covered as much as possible.) That way you can also insure some of your belongings which will be a huge help if anything happens to them. Think bigger ticket items like a professional camera or your smartphone, or something like that.

Don’t Get Too Friendly With Strangers

Naturally you will be meeting a lot of people on your travels and that’s great, just don’t tell them anything you wouldn’t normally tell a stranger, even where you are staying. Most people that you meet will be trustworthy, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to those sort of things on a trip. And of course don’t accept tours from people unless they are a licensed tour guide that you have been booked with.

Get Your Vaccines

Getting sick in other countries is a real possibility, and nothing will put a halt to your fun quicker than that. Head to the doctor for a physical before you go and make sure you get any immunizations that you need to stay safe while you’re traveling. Many destinations require such vaccinations, so be sure and look into that with plenty of time to spare before your trip is scheduled.



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