France is actually the most visited country in the world, which means its tourism aspect is booming. In 20012 8.3 million tourists chose the country as their preferred vacation spot. Maybe it’s in thanks to all of those photo opportunities that the first camera phone was invented in France in 1997.

Since their are so many visitors to France it is not entirely surprising that the Louvre in Paris is the most visited art museum in the world. France has a rich creative past, and the country has won more Nobel Prizes for literature than any other country.

Although it is interesting to note, that despite the popularity of the Louvre, it is outranked by another ticket entry location. Which would be Eurodisney which attracts 14.5 million visitors a year. The Louvre attracts about 8.3 million.

Let’s talk food. You may already know that champagne is created in Champagne France. Any other “champagne” made in another town is actually just called sparkling wine. In France there are over 400 different types of cheese made. The croissant, while very popular in France, was actually invented in Austria. Supposedly French toast isn’t French either, but actually invented by a guy with the last name French. The idea of the French eating escargot is not just a generalization, the average citizen eats about 500 of the snails each year. As for wine, the French consume about 11.2 billion glasses each year.

Despite all that delicious food being made in the country, France’s top exports are valuable commodities, such as things like pharmaceuticals drugs, airplanes, and farm products. Plastics, chemicals, machinery, steel, and beverages are also high up on the list.

France is home to funny laws, such as the one enacted in 1910 that says couples aren’t allowed to kiss on the train platforms so that they don’t cause delays. Good parents in France can actually be rewarded for it, the country awards people who have raised multiple children “with dignity” actual medals.

Getting around in France is unique as well. The transportation network is built in a web type shape that centers Paris the middle. Taking the Metro is a common and suggested way of getting around to avoid having to drive. Bicycling is also popular, and some roads in Paris are actually shut down to cars on Sundays to allow for better biking without the cars in the way.

France was actually the first country to start using the license plate on cars, but interestingly there is still only one stop sign in the entire city of Paris. There are fewer taxis in Paris than many other cities, because the cab drivers are required to cough up 200,000 Euros to get their license to begin with.

In France there are twelve different time zones being used across the country, which makes it more than any other country. This is particularly noteworthy when you think about the fact that France is actually slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Texas.

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