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New York city is one of the top travel destinations in the U.S. thanks to it being one of the major cities. There are tours to be taken, food to be enjoyed, and entertainment to be seen. It’s pretty much impossible to get everything in on one trip, so pick your must sees and get to it.

One thing to know about New York is that the weather can be extreme. In the summers it can get extremely hot and muggy, and in the winter it snows. Timing your vacation appropriately can really change the agenda of a trip, so know what you want to accomplish before you book your tickets.

The city is broken up into different neighborhoods that can have extremely different vibes. This has to do with the people that live in each area, the businesses that are in each area, and how their reputations are kept up by who chooses to hang out in each area.

There are tons of attractions in the city that you probably want to see. The Empire State Building is a popular one. You will have to wait to go up to the viewing decks, but most people think the view is well worth it. The deck gives great views of Central Park which is another spot that you will want to check out.

Central Park covers 1.317 miles of land, and is the most visited urban park in the U.S. It is also one of the most filmed locations in the entire world. (You can probably think of more than a few TV and film shots that take place there!) There is a zoo in the park, an ice skating rink in the winter, and you can even take a horse and carriage ride. Locals use the park for jogging and having picnics or coffee breaks.

You might want to see a show on Broadway while you’re in New York. There are actually 40 Broadway houses so there is a lot of interesting shows to choose from past the popular titles that you may have heard of already. Going to shows is a great nighttime activity then be started with a dinner and capped with drinks.

Of course there are certain foods that New York is famous for. The Jewish style of cheesecake is one, pizza, hot dogs, Manhattan clam chowder are some others. Pizza and hot dogs can be picked up on the go almost anywhere, so you won’t have any trouble finding those. The pastrami on rye is a classic sandwich that many suggest you should not leave without trying, just make sure you get it from a popular deli. The New York bagel is yet another doughy treat that should be on your radar. Many people swear that the unique bagel experience in New York is due to the tap water.

New York is truly a place of many things to see, and we’ve hardly tapped the surface here, but you can see why it’s important to prioritize. You could even structure an entire trip around just eating if you wanted.



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