For many people checking into a hotel includes the goal of finding a spot to relax, but for other people the intention is more like finding the fun. And what’s more convenient than staying in a hotel that already has the fun built in it? Here are some of the best hotels in the world to check out when you’re looking for a good time.

NoMad Hotel, New York City

The NoMad hotel in New York city actually contains one of the city’s best bars. It has a great cocktail list and whiskey options. The hotel also has a bar called The Elephant Bar which is also quite popular.

The Vendue, Charleston, North Carolina

The Vendue hotel in Charleston has a great rooftop bar with views of the water and the nearby bridge. They have a great cocktail list, as well as tons of beer and wine options including a lot of local brews that you try to get a real authentic taste of the area. It’s a relatively low key spot that is actually a good spot to meet some locals and get their opinions about where you should head next on your adventures.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is a massive hotel with three different nightclubs, eight lounges, three rooftop bars, six indoor bars, and six different hangouts right on the water. The main nightclub is open until 4 AM on the weekends. It’s safe to say that there is more to do at the Marina Bay Sands than any normal person could even accomplish in one stay.

West South Beach Hotel, Miami, Florida

The West South Beach Hotel is an upscale hotel with a great bar area, and an adjoining garden lounge called the Grove. If you decide to venture away from the hotel to one of the nearby nightclubs, you will enjoy the convenience factor of its location.

Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of nightclubs that are situated in hotels, but the Wynn is a good choice when you’re looking for something a little more classy. It contains the nightclubs XS, Surrender, and Tryst, and is always growing in the nightlife department. There are also of course, plenty of great restaurants to check out during your stay as well.

Fontainebleau, Miami, Florida

Another great Miami option is the Fontainebleau hotel which is going to be something similar to what you might find in Las Vegas. The hotel contains five different bars and clubs, including the nightclub LIV which takes up 18,000 square feet of space. The parties go late in Miami and basically begin again in the morning if the poolside partiers have anything to say about it.

The Pier House Resort & Spa, Key West, Florida

The Pier House Resort and Spa in Key West is a very low key but fun place to have some drinks by the water. The bar has actually been there since the 1960’s and then the hotel was built around it to preserve it in all its glory.

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