Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and also its largest city in the state. It is actually one of the oldest cities in the entire country, after being founded in 1630. The rich history that Boston holds can be seen by walking the 2.5 mile loop on the Freedom Trail which shows many historic monuments and moments in history. Although Boston is full of rich history, it is also a hip town with a fresh undercurrent.

Taking a tour of Boston is pretty easy since the town is such a great walking city. If you decide to head out on the Freedom Trail tour there are a variety of guided tours that you assist you. There is also the option of touring Boston by both land and water on one of the Duck Tours. The trolly is another option for seeing much of the city that is actually quite convenient since you can get on and off at your leisure.

Boston is full of museums that are great for both adults and children. The Museum of Fine Art is a great one for adults, while The Museum of Science and the Boston Aquarium are ones that the children are sure to enjoy.

Sports are also big in Boston, so making time for a sporting event can be a good way to catch some local flavor while you are in town. With hockey, basketball, and baseball there are games to catch all year round.

Food is another thing to experience plenty of while you’re in Boston. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a fun touristy spot where you can drop in and out of restaurants and bars while catching street performances along the way. Italian and seafood are two very popular food options in the area.

If you are planning on seeing a lot of sights while you are in Boston, there are some options for saving a bit of money. The town offers a Go Boston Card that is an all inclusive option, or you can get a Build Your Own Pass which allows you to choose whatever sights you plan on seeing and pay in advance with a pretty good discount. These can be used over a 30 day period so it can be a pretty good way of seeing the city.

Luckily for many travelers, renting a car in Boston is not always necessary. It is pretty easy to walk around much of the city, and the public transportation is easy to use as well. The subway system is convenient, although the last train does ride at 12:45 AM so that doesn’t work out for all night owl. Boston also started a bike renting program called The Hubway which is another great option for getting around during the day. The compact city makes biking a great option and that way you can cover more ground than walking but also get to see the city as you go along.


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