We’re all for making travel as seamless as possible, and these days there are a lot of apps that can help with just that. Here are some of the best options for streamlining your travel to places near or far…and they’re all free!


The app PackPoint will help you figure out what you need to pack clothing wise for your vacation, no matter where you are going. You just enter in the travel location, dates and length of travel, and whether you are traveling for business or pleasure and it will figure out a packing list for you that will totally take the guess work out.

Hotel Tonight

If you haven’t made a hotel reservation before you get into town, Hotel Tonight is a handy app that can not only help you find open rooms, but find some great deals on them. Many of the luxury hotels offer one night deals and this is the easiest way to find all of them in the same place.


TripIt is a company they will create an entire travel itinerary for you if you just have no clue how to best see a city. You send them over your flight, hotel, and car rental information, plus any places that you know that you want to see, and they will make a plan for you. Bonus: it’s totally free!


WhatsApp is a handy platform that allows you to communicate with people in other countries without racking up long distance charges, so you can keep in touch with the friends and family in real time without worrying about your cell phone plan.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is the answer to keeping track of where you’re spending money on your trip. For those of us who try to stick to a travel budget, this can be key because it will tell you exactly where you spending your money if you keep up with inputting your charges. It’s a lot more sombering to see the total number of dollars you’re spending on beer than it is looking at a single tab.


Foodspotting is an excellent way to find the food that you’re craving in an given city. You can actually search by the type of food item that you are looking for and it will tell you where the closest locations are. The restaurants are rated by local’s top picks, so you can be sure that you’re getting the real local experience.


Getting around an unfamiliar city can be adventurous, but it’s also hard. This app takes care of pretty much any sort of direction you might need such as the best routes through traffic, how to get around on the Metro, where there are bikes to use, light rails, etc. And if you choose to walk to your next location, it will tell you how many calories you will burn if you do so, which you can then put towards your next meal.

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