Nepal is a fascinating place to visit, but there are some important things to know before you go.

It’s always a good idea to travel with someone else for safety when you are in Nepal. If you are going alone you can always find other people to meet up with, as there are a variety of organizations especially for this purpose. Get into the habit of letting people at home know of your travel plans in the off chance that something happens so they will know where to look for you.

In Nepal it is important to pay attention to food safety. The water can make you sick so do not drink anything that isn’t pre bottled and be careful when you’re eating fruits and vegetables that have been washed or prepared in water and not cooked.

For the most Nepal is quite clean and beautiful, but the roads can be a little dangerous with bumps and traffic so it’s not a great idea for tourists to be attempting to get around on a motorbike the way that the locals do.

It is not only illegal to take the money of Nepal outside of the country, but there is no where to exchange it, so make sure that you take care of everything like that before you end up leaving the country.

Keep in mind that set times can be a little more flexible in Nepal so sometimes things that you have scheduled will not be occurring at the time that you thought they would. This can make some of the travel a little challenging, but it is a good idea to just keep that in mind and therefore give yourself more time between activities to avoid over scheduling yourself or getting behind.

Nepal has daily scheduled power outages so it can be helpful to carry a flashlight with you in case you are inside or outside in the dark when this occurs. Also pay attention to when there are strikes going on over the public transportation system, because that can make getting around near impossible.

Some of the toilets in Nepal will require squatting over a hole, and don’t expect toilet paper in all of them. Carrying around your own toilet paper is the best way to ensure that you have some if you need it.

The monkeys around the temples will snatch food from you, so be mindful not to have it out there and just know what you are up against.

Some of the temples charge entry fees for tourists and this is to be expected when you are traveling around, so keep in mind that carrying some cash will be crucial. However do make sure and leave as many of your valuable at home as possible so you don’t have to worry about what to do with them when you are actually in Nepal. Be careful with backpacks and anything that can be accessed from the back as this encourages pickpocketing.

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