There are so many apps these days that you can basically plan an entire trip with them. Here are some of the best apps for getting to and around San Francisco that will make the experience the most fun.

SF Climates

The weather in San Francisco generally doesn’t get too extreme, but it does have a lot of microclimates which can mean a 30 degree difference in temperatures in different parts of town. A lot of this has to do with the cloud cover. The app SF Climates will tell you exactly what’s going on in each neighborhood weather wise so you know how to dress the part for your day.


San Francisco is full of restaurants…but so full that it can be challenging to really figure out where you should eat even when you narrow it down by food type. The app ChefsFeed can help take out some of the guesswork, since it works sort of like Yelp except it has suggestions from real chefs instead of random diners.

San Francisco Stairways

The San Francisco Stairways app can tell you spots to check out that are a little less frequented than the normal tourist spots. There are a lot of hidden stairs in San Francisco, (49 to be exact), some of which are decorated in art and some of which lead to cool gardens.


The Detour app is the perfect option when you want to take a tour but don’t want to go on a guided one. It’s audio tour options take you off the beaten path and to some places that might be less obvious and more interesting to the major tourist stops.

No Wait

When you’re short on time while traveling, waiting in line is not how you want to spend your time getting to know a city. The app No Wait gives you real time estimates at locations where you might encounter a line which can give you a heads up of what to avoid, or just where to allot yourself some extra time. At many of those restaurants, you can put yourself onto the list from the app, which will allow you to arrive right when the restaurant is ready to seat you. You basically get to skip the line.


Seeing the city by bike is a great option, but when you’re on vacation you most likely don’t have your bike. Spinlister comes to the rescue, as it allows locals to list their bikes for rent and the app organizes an easy place to meetup for you to get the bike.


If you will be taking public transportation in the city, the app Moovit can help you find the least busy routes at any given time. It’s powered by real commuters that give the app information, so it’s always up the minute with information. You can also look at schedules, get real estimates for arrival times, and get alerts when your ride is arriving so you don’t miss anything.

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