Travel generally requires a lot of leaning on the public transportation systems in whatever town you might be in, or else grabbing a taxi. These apps will make any of those options a whole lot easier.


Uber is a great alternative to calling a cab since it can save you a lot of money. When you download the app you can request a ride from a few different options of car “types”, like if you want a really nice black car or if you’re fine driving in a normal car. (The latter of which will be your best option.)

The app figures everything out as far as the payment goes and it stores your credit card and/or PayPal information so it just charges you automatically after you use it and includes the tip.


Lyft is going to be similar to Uber in that it’s a peer to peer ridesharing option. You use the app in the same as Uber to begin with, where you choose what type of car you want and then request it from the app. At the end of the trip however you get the option to choose from a variety of tip options to rate your driver, or you can input your own amount.

Some people say that Lyft is a bit more social than Uber is, which aims to be more like a nice cab as opposed to a friendly ride with a pal like Lyft.


Sidecar is another app that offers three different services. One is matching people up with drivers in the peer to peer sense, one is Shared Rides where you can get a discount for carpooling, and one is Sidecar Deliveries which provides the option of delivering packages along in some of those rides.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Sunil Paul actually¬†lobbied the California legislature to pass a law for peer-to-peer ride¬†sharing.


If you would still prefer to take a cab over a peer to peer option but want to use an app to find one, then Flywheel is the app for you. When you request a cab from the app Flywheel will keep you updated with exactly where your cab is and when it will arrive.

Unlike the peer to peer apps, Flywheel working in conjunction with normal cabs will never have surge pricing. So even if you use a peer to peer ride sharing app a lot having Flywheel on hand can be great for those circumstances.

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