There are a lot of circumstances in travel where things can go wrong, and unfortunately this tends to have a domino effect when it comes to scheduling travel plans. But there are some things that you should know about regarding compensation, because you don’t always have to suffer in silence as well as foot the bill on ruined plans.

That’s not to say that the compensation process is always easy since of course airlines and hotels are in the business of making money, but there is a new app that intends to help you get as much money back as possible when you are owed it.

The app is called Service, and here’s what the founder Michael Schneider has to say about the concept.

“I was traveling on a brand new 737, and the guy sitting next to me had bought a GoGo Wi-Fi pass. Unfortunately, the power ports on the plane were broken; he wasted the last 20 minutes of his battery life trying to get someone at or Twitter to pay attention to his problem.”

To use the app, the first step is inputting the name of the business that you are currently experiencing difficulties with. Next there will be some potential complaints to choose from, that have to do with the company you entered. Lastly you enter how much or what you would like to be compensated, and if it’s reasonable Service will do all the work from there trying to make sure that it actually happens. Here’s the best part…it’s totally free.

“The easy way to make money would be to recover a percentage of a customer’s reimbursement, but that didn’t sit right with me. Charging would add insult to injury. If you can resolve an issue quickly, it’s a huge victory for the brand. Our job is to help temper consumers’ anger, and hopefully deliver a much happier customer for return business.”

The app only launched in July and it has been quite successful at getting things handled. So far 40 percent of the claims have had to do with travel, and 80 percent of those having to do with airlines specifically.

It might be time to download the app, the numbers just don’t lie. Here are some examples of what you can expect to get with the help of the app.

Average Compensation for Airline Complaints
Flight cancellations: $779
Excessive flight delay: $209
Missing, delayed, or damaged baggage: $559
A rude personnel worker: $124

Average Compensation for Hotel Complaints
Incorrect bill charges: $284
Cleanliness/lack thereof: $716
Excess noise: $330

Pretty impressive.

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