Traveling by train can be a great way to get around other countries, but also to travel far distances in the U.S. when flying isn’t the best option. There are different things to know depending on where you are traveling and of course whether you will be on the train for just a few hours or over a few nights, but here are some things to keep in mind.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Most trains have food cars, but the options can be limited and sometimes not very healthy. You can’t get off of the train of course once you start moving, so you want to be as prepared and as comfortable as possible. There is generally plenty of space to eat on a train so you’re welcome to bring some takeout food as a meal for the trip, but it’s also a good idea to stock up on items that will keep such as protein bars and apples just to be safe.

Pack Some Wet Wipes

Traveling on a train can feel just as sticky as a plane (minus the whole altitude thing), so if you want to feel a little refreshed when you reach your destination bringing along some wet wipes is a good idea. They’re no stand on for a shower, but they can help cut down on some of the griminess and are also great for wiping down around your seat area as you sit down.

Consider Your Sleeping Arrangements

If you are spending a single night traveling on a train you will probably be fine just sleeping at your seat like you would on a plane, but if you are traveling for multiple nights you might want to consider getting a sleeping car to have a bit more comfort. There is an extra cost of course, but you get a bed that you actually lay on and with that it can actually be quite relaxing to be lulled to sleep while the train moves along.

Embrace the Old School Vibe

If you can embrace the fun of the riding on the train, then you can appreciate some of the free time you have to disconnect a little and put down the electronics to do other activities like reading. Yes some trains have wifi, but if you ever want the excuse to disconnect this is a good one.

However do keep in mind that it might be hard to find an outlet on the train, so if you do want to use your electronics or have them powered up upon arrival at your destination, then they need to be fully charged ahead of time just in case you don’t have access to any power.

Prepare for the Cold

Even if you are traveling during the summer a lot of trains have high air conditioning, so you should bring a sweatshirt and maybe even a small blanket if you are staying the night. It can be really hard to get a good night sleep if you are freezing all the way though it.


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  1. I find train to be a great way to travel. The freedom to walk around at all times and not wear a seatbelt is quite nice

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