Summer is rapidly approaching which means that it’s time to start solidifying those summer travel plans. Kassel Germany is one place perfect to go for anyone who considers themselves a festival goer mixed with some history lessons.

The town of Kassel is on record of existing all the way back to 913 AD, and there are many well preserved historic buildings as well as museums to celebrate the rich history of the town.

This coming June Kassel will be launching a two year German Fairy Tale Route, that is marking the anniversary of the publishing of German Legends. The book was published in two parts in 1816 and 1818, which contained 585 stories by the Brothers Grimm—Jacob and Wilhelm.

The celebration will include events along the chosen 370 mile route. The locations chosen are somehow connected to the lives and work of the authors. The town of Kassel is known as the capital of the German Fairy Tale Route, and is home to the GRIMMWELT (Grimm World) museum that opened in 2015.

Kassel is located right in the middle of Germany, and there is not an airport there, so the closest places to fly in would be from Hanover or Frankfurt, both of which are about 120 miles away from the town.

Kassel is home to many palaces and parks, including the park Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The park has been called “the most magnificent achievement of the Baroque style in the blending of architecture and landscape” by art historian Georg Dehio.

It is the largest largest hillside park in all of Europe, and took 150 years to complete after being started in the year 1696. It is beautiful and also historic in and of itself.

The Wilhelmshöhe castle museum is located inside the 17th-century palace which was notably a summer residence home for Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The Museum Fridericianum is one of the oldest museums in all of Europe, which was built in 1779. It has huge grounds that are fun for exploring and also has plenty of temporary exhibits that are regularly updated for visitors to come back time and again.

Karlsaue Park is located right on the banks of the Fulda river, and has over 400 acres of beautiful parkland. There are man made lakes, fountains, and canals which make the experience an extra nice one.

There is also a planetarium that you can visit which contains a lot of interesting instruments. Here there is also a flower covered island, as well as an area that is popular for swimming and windsurfing. It is also a popular place to have parties during the summer months.

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