Faiz Palace in Sindh, Pakistan - Image by Nazir Ahmed Shah

Faiz Palace in Sindh, Pakistan - Image by Nazir Ahmed Shah

The province of Sindh in Pakistan is culturally a very rich land which has tremendous historical background. Sindh has many awesome features which highlight the glory of the superb Sindhi civilization and it is commonly known as Indus civilization. Khairpur District is located in the northern part of the province of Sindh. This area was known as Khairpur State before the partition of India in 1947 and it  was ruled by Talpur Mirs (ameers) of the Talpur dynasty from 1783 to 1955.

Faiz Palace of Khairpur, Sindh ( Pakistan )

After the independence, this princely state opted to join Pakistan. Numerous architectures were constructed during the Talpur reign, however the most popular of all the monuments that were built during that era is the Faiz Mahal ( Palace ). Faiz Palace of Khairpur was built in 1798 as the palace of the Talpur family by the Khairpur Mirs. Presently, Faiz Palace which is a magnificent structure of the Indus Valley and is a symbol of the Talpur glory is gradually deteriorating. The Government of Pakistan has offered the descendants of the Mirs of Talpur to take the custody of this monument for its proper conservation but they have rejected this proposal.

Faiz Mahal of Talpurs ( Interior ) . Image : Mashooque Ali Bhatti

Faiz Mahal ( Palace ) of Khairpur, Sindh needs due attention for its repairing and rehabilitation. Faiz Palace reminds us the amazing history of the then State of Khairpur and the bravery of the Talpur clan.

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