Turkish Baklava

Baklava is a pastry of pistachio or walnut filled in fluffy and crispy layers of dough. It is flavorful, it is mouthwatering and it is unforgettable – in fact, Baklava is love at first bite. Traditionally Baklava is prepared with phyllo dough, nuts (almonds, pistachio or walnut), cinnamon and honey […]

Wonderful image of Belly Dance. By Luke Robinson

Watching a Belly dance live is a thrilling experience; the costumes, music, lights and the dance itself combine to cast a memorable impression. Belly dance is usually refers to traditional dances of the Middle East and is performed in many different forms. The popular belly dance or the modern belly […]

Fraser Island

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Fraser Island

Spanned over an area of approximately 1840 Sq. Km, Fraser Island is considered to be the world’s largest sand island. It is located in the southern coast of Queensland, Australia and has been listed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.  The island is remarkable for its beautiful forests, amazing […]


The love story of Sassi and Pannu is a Sindhi folk tale written by Abdul Latif Bhittai. The story starts with Sassi, the daughter of King Adam Khan of Bhambore. At her birth, the astrologers predicted that she was a curse for the royal family’s prestige. The king ordered that […]

Baltit Fort of Hunza, Pakistan - Image: Omair Muhammad

Baltit Fort is situated in the valley of Hunza in Pakistan. Erected on top of a hill it overlooks the whole valley. The fort was built some 600 years ago. It is entirely made of stones, supported by timber beams and plastered over with sun-dried mud. Elders of Hunza tell […]

Riverton, New Zealand

I am so lucky to live in this beautiful country. Whenever I get ‘itchy feet’ and wish to travel to some exotic location I do not have to leave the country. I just hop into my car and travel 30 short km west of my hometown of Invercargill and reach […]

Made from fine leather and embellished with golden and silver threads, beads and sequins on traditional motifs – Khussa is traditional, handmade footwear from Pakistan. The art and craft of designing Khussa is very old in the sub continent especially in the Punjab region of Pakistan. However, the art reached its […]


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Sweet & Delicious Paan

You would hardly find a South Asian community without a Paan shop be it in Toronto, London, Birmingham, Manchester, New York, Melbourne or any other part of the world. Paan is an important part of South Asian culture and food since hundreds of years. Before Paan became popular, it was […]

Italian Braciola

Braciola is an Italian dish – perhaps one of the most iconic dishes in Italian cuisine. Braciola can be prepared in many styles and all recipes of Braciola are equally flavorful. Usually, it is prepared by laying out the pounded beef with cloves and garlic spread over it. Topping of […]

Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe) is a range of limestone mountains in the north of Spain. The natural process of glaciations and corrosion over a period of 300 million years sculpted these mountains of limestone in to amazing landscape. This fabulous miracle of nature is situated along with the […]