The Kapok Tree

Kapok is the national tree of Puerto Rico and Guatemala. The botanical name of Kapok is Ceiba Pentandra but it is commonly known as Java Cotton because of the cotton fiber that is produced in seed pods of the tree. Kapok is also one of the largest trees found in […]

Christ: The Redeemer ( Image: Lauren Baluyo )

Rio de Janeiro along with all of its adorable sites is famous in the world for the famous statue of Jesus Christ, Christ the Redeemer which is deemed to be the second largest Art Deco statue of the world. It was designed by Heitor da Silva and carved by French […]

This article is continuation of Who are Kiwis, Part I? Kiwis, the human form, are known all over the world for their kind natures.  They are laid-back, very friendly and always willing to have a good time.  Kiwis in general are extremely helpful, of course there is always an exception […]

Built by the Inca people at an elevation of 9,000 feet, Machu Picchu is a complex of palaces, temples and numerous dwellings in Peru. It has been declared as Peruvian Historical Sanctuary and also listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. Historians believe it to be a sacred religious site because of […]

Kiwi Team

I was going to tell you about some famous New Zealand personalities but then thought I’d be better off to give you a glimpse of the ordinary, everyday Kiwis that can be found all over this great little country of ours. The people of New Zealand are usually referred to […]

Baalbek: The pearl of Lebanon ( Image: Bahaa Fe )

If Lebanon is Pearl of the Middle East, Baalbek is, without a doubt, the heart of it. Belonging to pre-Hellenistic era, Baalbek is an ancient town in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon. The ruins of the Roman temples in Baalbek speak about the glory of the then great Roman Empire. The […]

Bluff, State Highway 1, New Zealand

Bluff is the southern-most town in New Zealand. It is 30 km by the road from Invercargill and drive is worth a trip. You pass through various different landscapes, from the flat farmland nearly overrun by Native Tussock plants to coastal views.  And not forgetting the well know Aluminium smelters […]

Sweet, Scrumptious Jalebi

Jalebi is a popular sweet dish of the Indian sub-continent. Originated from Arabia, Jalebi is a universal favourite of people in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal where it is an essential part of festivals and parties. It is prepared in white, yellow and orange colors and flavored with rosewater, cardamom […]

Moringa Oleifera also known as The Miracle Tree is an amazing tree because of its benefits and uses. It can be used as water purifier, for curing several diseases and as supplement food or a source of nutrition. Moringa Oleifera is also called the Drumstick Tree. It is now commercially propagated […]

Sushi – It is Sour!

Culture, Food
sushi japnese dish

Sushi is a famous Japanese food which has popularity around the world for its appetizing and flavourful taste. Sushi is usually served as rice prepared with vinegar and topped with sea food or fish which makes it really toothsome. The original recipe of Sushi came from South Asia where it […]