We tend to live a lot in the future, as well as in the past, but truly all we have is the present. Not that we can ever totally stop thinking about either of those, but it helps to practice mindfulness when possible. Here are some quotes that will inspire […]

Marjorie de Sousa - Born April 23, 1980. A beautiful Mexican model and actress of Portuguese descent

The women from Latin and South America are particularly known for their ultimate beauty and stylish young looks. They are sensual, charming and attractive and they have real attitude towards beauty. They normally possess esthetical concerns and an everlasting desire to improve their appearances. This is also the reason that […]

Veronika Vařeková is a marvelous Czech model

No doubt, Europe has the best and most beautiful female celebrities in the world who are related to popular music, performing arts and entertainment industry. These amazing female singers and actresses amuse their fans and listeners with their electrifying performances and rhythmical vocals. In the showbiz world, the feminine participation is always inspirational […]