Laos¬†or Lao People’s Democratic Republic is a fantastic but landlocked country of Southeast Asia. The original¬†population of Laos belongs to Austro-Asiatic group which is scattered throughout South East Asia even to India and Bangladesh. These people were able to depend upon the natural cultivation and landscapes and did not adopt the skills of agriculture.

The women of Laos in their traditional dress

Nowadays, the people of Laos are seen very rarely in their traditional dresses. The traditional dress of Laos is very much similar to the Hmong community. Hmong Community is dispersed in different parts of Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar etc.

Some pretty Hmong girls of Laos

In the past, these traditional dresses were hand woven and generally made of hemp. Presently these dresses are made with artificial material on advanced stitching machines. There is tremendous variety in the designs and patterns in the Laos clothing. The colors of Laos clothing range from common colors like black and white to vibrant and bright colors like pink and green and blue.

Lao woman in Lao dress

Although in the recent years, the people of Laos are much affected with the western trends in dressings, however in the formal functions like the ceremonies of the national interest and festive occasions the people of Laos wear the traditional dress of Laos.

The Monks of Laos in their typical dress

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