There are tons of beach destinations to visit out there, but sometimes renting a beach house can really step up the whole experience over staying in a hotel. There can be room for more people, less issues with noise, and more freedom to come and go as well as entertain and relax from inside the house. Here are some of the best areas to rent beach houses.


Destin in Florida is known as “the world’s luckiest fishing village.” ┬áThe beaches have fine, soft sand, and very clear green water. The emerald coast is a great place for hanging out on the beach.


The beaches off the Pensacola area in Florida have some amazing boating and fishing. The nice things about the Pensacola area is that you get the great beaches without having to deal with the super touristy areas.


Galveston is located by the Gulf of Mexico and has great beaches as well as history and cultural things to experience. There are over 30 miles of beaches in the area.

San Diego

San Diego is a great place to rent a beach house and experience some of the laid back California culture. The surfing community is big there if you have an interest in that.

Ocean City

Ocean City is the only coastal community in Maryland, and during the summer there are a ton of activities like music and bonfires. There is also a boardwalk.

Port Aransas

The South Texas area of Port Aransas can be pretty busy with young people around spring break, but the rest of the year is pretty quiet and perfect for renting a house. The island is popular for boating, beaching, surfing, and fishing.

Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach is in North Carolina and is one of the best coastlines in the area. Hanging out on the beach and golfing are popular activities in the area.


There are a few different islands that make up Hawaii and all have their own distinct vibe, weather, and mood. Not to mention things to do. Renting a beach house on any of the islands can be a great experience and give you some freedom to explore like a local.


Rehoboth is on the coastline of Delaware and is particularly popular for whale watching, golfing, and horseback riding.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island in Georgia is a very popular rental destination thanks to the gorgeous Atlantic shoreline mixed in with the natural marshes in the area.

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