Denver is the capital of Colorado and dates all the way back to the old west. It’s located near the base of the Rocky Mountains and is generally pretty sunny with low rainfall. The city’s oldest block called Larimer Square still has buildings from the 19th century. There is much to do in the city of Denver, as well as outside the city in the Colorado nature.

Although Larimer Square has some historic sites it’s also been brought into her current times, and is a popular area for restaurants, cafes, shopping, comedy clubs, and nightclubs.

Downtown Denver has been rated the fourth most walkable downtown of all the cities in the nation. The town also has free shuttles that you can hop onto if you need to take a load off but still get to the next location.

There are some great museums in Denver to check out as well. The Denver Art Museum is 68,000 art objects housed inside of two architecturally gorgeous buildings. It has one of the world’s best collections of Native American Art. To learn more about the specific history of Colorado, what could be better than the city’s own History Colorado Center? It has hands-on exhibits and hosts special events for adults and children of all ages.

The Museum of Nature and Science is another really great museum stop, with a planetarium, IMAX theater, the largest chunk of gold ever found in the state, Indian artifacts, dinasuar skeltons, and remains from Ice Age animals.

There is a large 85 mile bike riding network in Denver, part of which ends up in Confluence Park. Confluence Park used to be a gold mining camp in 1858 and was actually where the town was founded. The largest park in Denver is the City Park which has a running trail that is a mile high.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is home to the Denver Center Theater Company, the Denver Center Attractions, and the Denver Center Theatre Academy. Visiting means you could check out a play, dance performance, or one of the many other events that they put on there.

The Denver Botanic Gardens is the largest in the United States and its been there since the 1950’s. There are 43 individual gardens and while there are plants from all over the world, it emphasizes native plants and sustainable growing practices.

Checking out a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre & Park is a must-do for any music fan. Even when concerts are not playing however, there is a free museum open and hiking trails around the area.

Driving up to Mount Evans can be quite a treat, but the road is only open during the warmer months of the year because of the weather. The road to get there is the highest paved mountain road in the United States. The elevation once you arrive is quite high and you can expect to run into some animals like bighorn sheep, pika, marmots, and mountain goats. Naturally the views from the top are amazing.


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