Along the northern coast of California is the incredible Redwood National Forest and National Parks. Until you see it it’s hard to believe the total majestic nature of the trees, but they are really a sight to be seen.

The Sequoias and giant redwoods are often referred to as the same thing but they are actually different trees despite their similarities. Both of them are only found in California and unique because of their cinnamon coloring and ability to grow to crazy heights and base widths.

The Giant Redwoods like a moist humid climate, so the fog on the coast is the perfect thing to keep them happy. The fog in the area actually provides one quarter of the moisture that these trees need to survive, so the location is really a match made in heaven. These trees can grow up to 378 feet tall and live up to 2,000 years. The Giant Sequoias on the other hand only grow on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, mostly between 5,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation. They can grow up to 311 feet tall but also get much larger at the base than the Redwoods do. They can actually live up to 3,000 years.

To see either of these trees it’s pretty easy, since they are within protected national parks. Within the Redwood National Park there is 40 miles of coastline, riverways, woodlands, and even prairies.

Camping is a great way to experience the park, which can be done at developed campgrounds or even through backcountry camping. There are 200 miles of backcountry trails where camping is allowed, which can provide some serious privacy out under the stars.

In addition to checking out the trees there are tons of interesting activities to do in the area. Whale watching is one popular option, which can be done from the Klamath River Overlook. There are also scenic drives such as Howland Hill Road which also has a one half mile walk through called Stout Grove where the trees are particularly amazing.

During the summer kayaking is a fun activity, and biking is another popular outdoor activity in the area. Horsebacking riding is another popular option which can be done on trails in the park. There are also free activities led by rangers year round that can be a good way to take a tour with an expert or get some of your questions answered.

The Kuchel Visitor Center is a good place to go when you want to learn some good stuff about the area. It’s the largest visitor center in the area and has exhibits, videos to watch, and also has access to the beach.

Some of the wildlife you might see in the area includes California sea lions, giant green sea anemone, bald eagles, Roosevelt elk, and the banana slug.



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  1. Goals trip is to go there and get some really incredible photos. It’s a very unique portion of California that we don’t get to see a lot of on TV

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