Hostels in Europe are a dime a dozen, but now Amsterdam will be opening one that’s a cut above the rest. The hotel is located in the trendy area of east Amsterdam, and has been named Generator Amsterdam.

The building that the hostel is located in is a historical brick building that was built in 1908 and used to be the University of Amsterdam’s science department. The hostel features a core social space, a variety of other hang out spots, fitness classes, beer tastings, coffee master classes, Vanmoof bikes, movie screenings, meeting and work spaces, and also outdoor activities.

The hostel worked with a design team that made sure to keep some of the aesthetics that the building had as a science lab, but with reasonable updates to the decor. For example, there was an auditorium that they kept as one of the lounges which is open both day and night. They turned a desk into a bar and even have a place where guests can store their own liquor and lock it up when they’re away.

The hostel also has a stand alone speakeasy called The Night Bar, which is being built in a former boiler room and will open later in the year. It has a cafe that will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as having items that can be grabbed to go. Guests can expect pizza as well as other healthy items.

As if this didn’t already seem like more than your average hostel, it also has some interesting things happening as far as the rooms go. The hostel will even include a luxury Sky Suite Apartment that has views of the park outside, two bedrooms, a living room, and a private kitchen. That’s a far cry from the communal bedrooms and bunks that a lot of hostels offer.

The company Generator already has hotels in Dublin, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Venice, Barcelona, and Paris. In addition to the Amsterdam addition, they also have plans to open places in Stockholm and Rome.

Generator specifically tries to respect the aesthetic of the places and buildings that they build in, while also creating welcoming and modern spaces for their hostels. They also aim to have not only central locations and great rates, but also offer interactive guest experiences that connect travelers with each other as well as with the community in which they are located.

Their website says:

“Generator Hostels isn’t like any other hostel. That’s because we combine affordable luxury rooms with unique social events for the travellers and locals of Europe’s coolest cities.”

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