If Santorini Greece isn’t already on your must-see list (or already seen list), you’ll want to read on. The European island is almost impossibly beautiful and set in the lowest location of the Cyclades islands in the south of the Aegean sea. The island is known for it’s beautiful cliff set homes and hotels, all over looking beautiful blue ocean water.

The island is a mixture of cosmopolitan culture and natural wonderland, with its volcanic landscape. The beautiful crescent shape of the island is actually the result of the volcano exploding, which last occurred 3,500 years ago. During that explosion part of the island sunk into the ocean, and the waves it produce basically wiped out the civilization that was 70 miles South in Crete. These days the ocean fills in that volcano crater, creating a beautiful and unique landscape of the island and view from it.

Unlike many other traditional beautiful landscapes, Santorini hardly has any vegetation at all thanks to the volcanic rock. But the white cliffside buildings and descending staircases create the perfect balance to the visuals of the deep blue sea below.

The warm season in Santorini lasts from June to September, with temperatures averaging temperatures above 80 degrees. This is also the time of year that the water will be warm and perfect for swimming. Prices are higher during the warm months, and due to the influx of tourists there are a lot more flight and boat options available for getting to and from the island.

If you’re visiting the island to see the sites more than relax in the sun, anytime of year is great for a visit. Sightseeing options include learning about the local history, visiting the wineries, and of course eating lots of delicious food. Going in the lower season is a great way to save money on hotels if budget traveling is your ideal.

When you’re first making travel plans to Santorini one of the things to consider is whether you want to stay at the beach on the eastern coast of the island, or whether you would rather stay more inland in one of the towns. Both are great options, just depending on how you intend to spend most of your time. The caldera towns are going to be a bit trendier if shopping and dining and the top items on your to-do list. The hotels will therefore be a bit more on the luxurious side.

The beach towns however are going to be a bit cheaper since they are not as focused on luxury, and will provide you with a more traditional feel to the island if the history and local life is more of an appeal to you.

Island hopping in Greece is a popular trip idea, but be sure to spend at least two to three days in Santorini to really get a feel for it and have the time to see everything that you want to see. Even watching the sunset from different locations on the island is worth sticking around for, as those are legendary.

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