Zurich Switzerland might be best known for its involvement in the financial world, but the city is also incredibly beautiful and quite safe. Most of the people there speak English quite well which makes it an easy place to get around as a foreigner.

If you’re planning on taking any public transportation in Zurich, the best option is to purchase an unlimited day pass that works for 24 hours. This day pass will give you access to boats, subways, streetcars and trams, so you can get wherever you need to go without having to pay at each location. This card also gets you free access into 40 different museums, and a free drink at 20 different restaurants. It’s safe to say that it pays for itself.

Zurich has both old town areas and newly developed areas, so when you’re walking around doing shopping you’ll want to decide which type you prefer. On one bank of the Lammat river you feel find an old town type feel with cobbled roads, leather goods for sale, and more classic type cafes and restaurants.

Zurich is a relatively small city but it has over 500 bars and clubs, so the nightlife is going to be pretty active. People of all ages go out in Zurich so it’s going to be possible to find the perfect fit for just about vibe.

One interesting bit of sightseeing to consider is the polytechnic university¬†Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The campus can be reached by taking a tram up the hill, where you’ll have beautiful views of the town and also be able to check out the campus. The school is famous for produces engineers and scientists, and even Albert Einstein studied and taught there.

Another interesting tourist attraction is the zoo, but more specifically the Rainforest Hall at the zoo. The Rainforest Hall 36,000 square foot creation of the only rainforest in Europe. It was created as a replica of a real rain forest that exists in Madagascar, and contains all types of animals, plants, fish, and insects that you would find at the real location.

There are plenty of museums in Zurich when art is on the mind, as well as theaters and an opera house for other types of cultural experiences. The concert hall known as the Zurich Tonhalle was built in 1895 and it’s orchestra plays around 100 shows each season. The museum Reitberg has a large collection of non-European items, so you can expect to see anything from Asian art to African sculptures. They also have temporary exhibits in addition the main collection so that there might be different things to see each time you go. The museum also has a park that is perfect for picnicking.

Visitors can also take cruises on Lake Zurich which is a great way to see the city from a different perspective. There are many different boat types and the tours can be as short as one and half hours or as long as four hours, depending on which type you choose.

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