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Miami Florida is dubbed the Magic City, and its high energy multicultural vibe can be a super fun place to vacation. The Latin population in Miami is quite large, so there is a lot of Spanish being spoken. In some areas there might even more Spanish being spoken than English. Here are some things to know before you go.

Miami is in a tropical area, which means it’s generally sunny and warm but it can also storm at a moments notice. You might be walking along on a perfectly warm day and then suddenly need to take cover from a passing rain storm. Luckily these do tend to move along pretty quickly, but leave the humidity behind for you to enjoy. Carrying an umbrella in a purse of bag can be a great line of defense so you’re not caught completely off guard.

Miami is a town that’s pretty interested in the glamorous life, and this will be evident in the lifestyle and fashion choices as well as the businesses. The clubs in Miami stay open until the wee hours of the morning, so it’s common for dinners to start around ten o’clock and people not going to nightclubs until midnight or later. There is a lot of energy in the nightlife in Miami, so be prepared if you’re planning to check it out.

If you fly into Miami you will probably want to rent a car, since the city is pretty spread out and driving is the easiest way to get around. If you stay in South Beach however, things are a little more close together and you might be able to get by without a car and still hit the beach, shops, and great restaurants. Renting a bike is another fun option in that area of town.

There are plenty of outdoor sports to try if you want to paddleboard, wakeboard, or snorkel. Staying fit is a common interest in the city, so there’s no shortage of physical activities. (As well as no shortage of people showing off their super fit bodies!) Lounging on the beach is of course a very popular past time in Miami, so be sure and pack your favorite bikini and some sunglasses.

There are tons of amazing restaurants to check out in Miami, many of which have outdoor seating to enjoy the weather. You can find pretty much any kind of food in Miami, and it’s a hot spot for sushi thanks to its close proximity to the ocean. You will also find some delicious Mexican and Cuban food to enjoy. Keep in mind that at a lot of places the restaurant adds on the gratuity, so you might want to check for that before you leave your generous tips at the end of a meal.

There are plenty of gorgeous hotels in Miami, many of which have world class spas for massages and beauty treatments alike. There’s the perfect balance between fun and relaxation to be had on a trip to Miami.

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