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When you’re trying to escape the cold winter months, one of the best ways to do it is to hop on a cruise with a warm weather destination. Cruises can be low stress since the travel speed is pretty casual, and they’re convenient with access to food and fun all day long. Here are some of the best spots to hit on a cruise line when you want to escape the cold weather.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean makes up a pretty large area, so there is definitely something for everyone when you’re booking a cruise in this area. It’s also close to the U.S. which is a huge consideration when it comes to prices and the length of cruises that you are able to go on. Some trips are as short as three days, which makes a long weekend cruise a real possibility. Of course you can longer if yo have the vacation days to spare! On the western side of the Caribbean you might hit Mexico, the Grand Cayman, or Jamaica, while on the eastern side your cruise might go to the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands.


Another warm weather spot that can be taken on limited time is a cruise to Mexico. Longer ones go all the way down the coast, while shorter ones might stop at Catalina and Tijuana. Mexico is a great place for relaxing on the beach and snorkeling around when you dock in ports, as well as eating some delicious food and enjoying plenty of cocktails, if that interests you. Many cruises to Mexico takeoff from San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach, and even Seattle Washington.


Australia and New Zealand are good winter cruise options because on that side of the world they are experiencing summer when the U.S. is experiencing winter. In Australia there is a lot of adventuring to be done if that’s your idea of a vacation, including tours of the outback, checking out wild animals, and exploring the country’s big cities. It’s sort of unique in that way in comparison to visiting the more remote islands that are full of beaches but light on metropolitan areas. It really just depends on your personal preferences and what sort of vacation you are hoping to get out of your cruise.


Hawaii is a busy spot for cruise ships all year round thanks to the warm weather, but the winter can be a really great time to go. A lot of the cruises to Miami take off from California which can be convenient for people on the West Coast. The nice thing about a cruise to Hawaii is that the islands in Hawaii are very close together and you will have the opportunity to check out multiple islands in one trip, which is not always super convenient when you are trying to fly between the islands. Being on a cruise ship just adds an extra level of convenience. Hawaii is great for relaxing, eating, hiking, and snorkeling.

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