Santa Barbara California is a beachside town that is a great spot for tourist fun. It is close to the wine country and full of nice spas which can be a little more upscale, but also has that casual beachside vibe and young culture thanks to the college and many young people that work in the hospitality industry. Here are some things to do when you’re visting Santa Barbara.

There are lots of resturants in Santa Barbara, so dining out is an absolute must and quite a fun time. Seafood is common thanks to its proximity to the water, as is sushi and also a lot of Mexican food because of the culture. Dining on the pier can actually give you a view of the water while you eat.

State Street in Santa Barbara is the downtown area and one of the main places that you will want to visit for food and shopping. There are normal mall type shops as well as boutiques, all lined up on an easy to navigate and easy to walk street.

Renting bikes is one fun way to see Santa Barbara, since there a lot of bike paths along the water. you can also rent bikes with carriages on them so that you can safely peddle around with the whole family on one contraption. There are many bike tours that you can take that go through different areas of the town.

If you decide to do some wine tasting. It is only a short trip to the wine country area where there are tons of wineries. Some people do biking tours between the wineries, and it is also fun to rent a car with a group and have a driver so that no one has to do any of the driving after the wine tasting. Most of the wineries have food and places for picnics if you want to bring your own lunches to enjoy as well.

There are a lot of really lovely spas in Santa Barbara so it can be a good place to do some serious rest and relaxation.

Boat tours are another fun way to see the town from the coast and of course get a good a good view at the marine area. For more chances at checking out wildlife, the Santa Barbara zoo is a fun option as well.

Santa Barbara is also home to a lot of museums, including the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. There is pretty much something for everyone when it comes to experiencing art in the city.

Santa Barbara is also home to the Old Mission which is filled with cultural significance and a great stop on the tourist tour. It’s in the American Colonial style and was built in 1786.

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