Part of the fun of travel is going to places that specialize in things that you already love, whether that’s the beach, a different lifestyle, or even a great glass of red wine. Here are some cities that are must visits for people who consider wine one of their main loves.

San Francisco

San Francisco California might not be the most obvious choice when it comes to wine, but its proximity to Napa and Sonoma means that the restaurants are always going to have plenty of the good stuff. There are wine tasting rooms all over the city, including at the Fisherman’s Wharf and also smack dab in Ghirardelli Square.

New York

New York, New York is many things, and great for wine is one of them. Each borough is going to have different things to offer when it comes to wine, and you can find everything from cheap and delicious to expansive wine pairings at the more upscale places.


Porto in Portugal started to see tasting rooms pop up in the 1960’s. You can find wine bars on the river, wine bars attached to restaurants, individual tasting rooms, and even museums about wine. Port wine originated in Porto Portugal, so you know there will be plenty of that. Port wine is fortified wine that is generally served as a dessert wine. It is sweet red wine in most cases, although there are versions that are drier and even white. Fortified wines are created in other places as well, but for it to be labeled as true port in Europe it must come from Portugal. In the U.S. however, this is more relaxed and port could come from anywhere in the world including Australia, France, South Africa, Canada, India, Argentina, or from within the United States.


Santiago Chile is going through a huge culinary thing, and the wines to go with the great eats is on point. Restaurant Row in the Vitacura neighborhood is a great place to look for a spot to enjoy both dinner and wine.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong in China is another great spot for wine. The past few years it’s really picked up the pace and focus on wineries and wine lists, many of which feature wine from the U.S. There is actually only one one winery in Hong Kong where they make their own wine, which is called the 8th Estate Winery. Being the only one it is pretty extensive and you tour pretty much every part of it.


Beaune France has a few different wine schools so it is considered to be a place in the know. There are tons of wine shops in the town and they also hold a wine option. Pretty much everything in the town embraces the wine culture so you can’t really go wrong.



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