Elmina Castle of Ghana - Image: Anthony Pappone

Elmina Castle of Ghana - Image: Anthony Pappone

The Elmina Castle, a historic monument in Ghana was constructed by Portuguese traders in 1482. Usually known as St. George of the Mine, the Elmina Castle is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Historically, the Elmina Castle was a famous trade stop of the region. Initially established as the trade settlement, Elmina Castle later gained importance as the route of Atlantic slave trade. The castle was taken over by the Dutch from Portuguese in 1637.

Elmina Castle at Ghana
Image from twip.org

The city of Elmina was established after the construction of this castle. The castle remained as a depot where the slaves from all over Africa were brought and kept for the purpose of bartering. Slave trading continued till the Dutch took control over the Elmina Castle and made it as the capital of Gold Coast. As the result of Anglo Dutch Samatra treaties of 1871, Dutch lost Gold Coast to the Britain.

The Elmina Castle was renovated by the government of Ghana in 1990. Restoration still continues and the castle attracts tourists from around the globe every year.

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