Traditional Belgian Costume: From the Mo's photo stream on flickr

Traditional Belgian Costume: From the Mo's photo stream on flickr

Wander here and there in Belgium! You’ll find the French domination in the Belgian clothing. It is very much true that Belgium is the European country having the population of French, Dutch, Flemish and Flanders who inhabited Belgium thousands of years ago. But today, in all of the three territories i-e Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, you’ll hardly find any Belgian wearing the traditional attire as by now, the traditional dress of Belgium has become the part of the Belgian folklore. Any how, the traditional dress of Belgium is a charming European attire.

Traditional Belgian Costume: From the Mo's photo stream on flickr
Traditional Belgian Costume: From the Mo’s photo stream on flickr

The Belgian male population love to wear Smocks and Berets, the trends of which were picked by the Belgians from the French during their period of oppression upon them. On one side, the French language has put a huge impact on the Belgians and on the other, their clothing is mainly influenced by the French styles. Till the twentieth century, the youngsters in Belgium could usually be seen dressed up with the long and traditional tunic shirts supported by pant letters. Knee pants were a normal part of the Belgian boys but with the passage of time, it became the story of the past.

Belgium traditional woman's costume
Belgium traditional woman’s costume

Similarly, traditionally the Belgian women used long gowns to cover themselves. But, these gowns were so beautiful and sophisticated that the most of the ethnic women in Belgium had adopted them. The Huntress was very famous and traditional costume for the Belgian women, as also today; the Belgian women wear these as their wedding attire. The dress has ties which have been given a trimming with colorful beads. Fashion designers that produce this Belgian costume for today’s masses offer an opportunity to choose your own trims and make the huntress dress with detachable sleeves. The dress is worn with a special chemise which is usually white in color.

Belgian wedding costume
Belgian wedding costume

The Belgian women also used to wear Eponin that was actually a slimming dress and it was usually stitched with fully lined cotton twill. It had a square neck accompanying with a matching trim. Each side of the Eponin was laced up with decorative garments. The dress had a very narrow waist and as such it flatters the natural feminine form of the wearer. We hope, you liked this article on the traditional dress of Belgium, a charming European attire.

Belgian girl in traditional dress
Belgian girl in traditional dress

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