When planning a trip to Boston, keeping in mind the time of year. A lot of what goes on in Boston has to do with the colleges in the area and so certain times of year are more expensive to travel there because of this.

In May and September you can expect the hotel prices to rise significantly. January and February are much less crowded and expensive, but that is also the coldest time to go, with an average of 37 degrees in January. In July on the other hand, the average is 82 degrees. During October and November you will get a spectacular looking fall display, and in April and May everything is in bloom.

There are over 50 colleges in the Boston area, including Harvard and MIT. There is a lot of bar nightlife, as well as restaurants to be found in the area and the scene can be quite lively.

There are a lot of things to do outdoors in Boston, including catching a game at Fenway Park, going to the Boston Harbor Islands National Park, hitting up food markets, and taking walking or open air trolley tours of the city.

Getting around Boston is easy thanks to its public transportation system called the¬†Massachusetts Bay Transportation. That is commonly shortened to its nickname “The T.” One trip on the subway costs $2.10, but a weekly pass is $19 which will save you some money if you’re going to be using it regularly.

As for the food in Boston, you will find a lot of fresh seafood such as steamed lobster, fried clams, and of course clam chowder. There are a lot of farmer’s markets in Boston and plenty of farm to table cooking at local restaurants, so can get a really good taste of the local food eating out there. During the Restaurant Weeks that someone happen you can even take walking tours of pizza places or even go on a Russian food tour. Desert is also great in Boston, and you can’t really leave without trying a Boston cream pie.

Boston has pretty much everything when it comes to lodging options. There are campsites, hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, vacation rental homes, and pretty much any other option you could think of.

When you’re considering where to stay you might want to think about what you will be doing on your trip and choose a location out of convenience, but so much of Boston is so easy to get around that isn’t always a huge concern anyway.

Boston is quite historic and also very quirky, so if you ask two different what they like about the town they will probably have different answers. If you have some freedom on your vacation, you might consider asking a few different strangers what they would suggest as must see tourist spots and then see what kind of answers you get.


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