For most people the only thing keeping them from traveling is the cost of it, but some airlines these days are changing the way things work and making their flights quite a bit cheaper. The airline WOW is a very no frills one that is offering some insanely cheap prices.

Some of their flights go from the U.S. to Europe for $199 each way, as well as $99 each way to Iceland. As of right now these prices are available from LAX, and they will also soon be available from SFO. The airline has been flying with these prices from the east coast since March.

These prices include all the fees and taxes, but not the luggage costs. Everyone gets one free carry on bag that’s 11 pounds or less, and any other carry on bag will be charged $48. Any checked bag will cost $67, and the seat reservations will cost $10 to $12.

There are however some other things that will make this travel challenging. For one thing it will only fly on certain days and there are plenty of blackout days. That being said, if you have any flexibility with travel the deals can really save you tons of money. If you don’t have a lot of flexibility with travel however there are a variety of other airlines who still fly to Europe for people reasonable prices.

WOW itself does have options that are cheaper than a lot of other airlines even when they aren’t dirt cheap. People can fly from Boston to Reykjavik for as low as $409, as well as to Dublin for as low as $526. People that live in or can fly out of the the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area can snag flights to Copenhagen for $459, as well as Reykjavik for $346.

SATA International offers some flights to the Portugal area that are about $200 cheaper than a lot of other airlines. They offer nonstop rates that are somewhere between $472 and $622.

Icelandair is a great option for flying to Iceland. From Washington D.C., Boston, and New York you can grab roundtrip flights from $660. The airline also flies to Copenhagen, and flights from New York start at $580 round trip.

Norwegian Air has some very cheap flight options which include JFK to Stockholm for up to $546, Orlando to Copenhagen for $529, and JFK to Oslo for around $528.

XL Airways France only flies between New York City and Paris…but for many people those are convenient options and their round trip flights start in the $550 price range.

While these prices can change of course, there is always hope that travel can be a lot than cheaper than you might have previously imagined.


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