When you only have a weekend to get away that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through a boring vacation. Here are some examples of extremely fun trips that can be taken and enjoyed in just 24 hours time.

Telluride Colorado

Telluride is a popular ski location which is enjoyable for any level skier, but for adventure seekers there is also the option of doing a heli-ski trip which is where a helicopter picks you up to take you really high up on the mountain where you will then ski your way down. Say goodbye to quick runs and having to spend half the day riding the chairlift.

New York City

There are really endless things to do in New York City over a weekend, and with a little planning you can see some pretty interesting things. Make plans to see a Broadway show, eat a nice dinner, or even take part in the adult sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History. For $350 you’ll get a cot to sleep on, a buffet dinner, live music, and the freedom to explore the museum all through the night.


Getting away to Miami is sure to be a good time, especially if you’re making it a trip with the friend. Lounge by the pool or hit a day spa during the day, and then go out for drinks and dance the night away. In Miami it’s pretty convenient because many of the hotels have all of these options in one spot, so you don’t even need to leave your hotel unless you want to. That cuts down on a lot of the drama of trying to rush through a weekend.

Lake Mohonk New York

Lake Mohonk in New York is home to the Mohonk Mountain House which basically looks like a castle in the valley and is a great spot for family trips. There are endless things to do on the property including golf, horseback riding, rock climbing, ice skating, tubing, and skiing. Outdoor adventure is the theme. They also have a ton of fitness classes and a spa if relaxing inside is more on the table.

New Orleans

New Orleans is the sort of city where there are things happening even where there are not things happening. You can easily sit at a cafe and eat or have a drink while just people watching and experiencing the atmosphere. Not to mention there is tons of live music to check out and even specifically jazz brunches.

The Grand Canyon

When you really want to take it to the outdoors why not head to the Grand Canyon. You can always enjoy the view from the top, but you can also take mule rides into the canyon itself. There are three hour rides available as well as an overnight ride where you spend the night at a rustic lodge at the bottom of the canyon.

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