At the beginning of the new year a lot of us are on our strict new year’s resolution plans which can mean more exercise and less fatty food. But at the same time the first couple months of the year can be a really great time to travel because prices drop after the holiday season. That being said, you don’t have to abandon all of your health goals while you are on a trip, and actually you can even do some detoxing while you are.

Find a Local Spa

Getting any sort of spa treatment on a vacation is both going to feel relaxing and luxurious but will also help remind you that you’re supposed to be taking care of your body. Getting a massage can be a similar experience to having a nice meditation session or something which can help you make more present choices in the rest of your day.

Use the Hotel Gym

Whatever you do, you should make sure to keep up on your fitness goals while you are on vacation. You might want to modify things a bit so you’re not wasting your whole day at the gym, but if you won’t be getting much exercise sightseeing or something you should start the day with a workout. Generally it is better to do it at the beginning day on a vacation because your schedule can change throughout the day and working out after dinner isn’t always the most appealing concept. Try to get in some cardio, as well as some strength training to keep the muscles activated while you are on vacation.

Many cities also have great group fitness classes that don’t require that you have a gym membership. Classes like spin, yoga, etc are pay by class setups which means that you can get a specific workout almost anywhere you might want to go.

Do Some Juicing

Many cities these days are going to provide access to healthy juices, and while you might not want to do an entire cleanse while you’re on a vacation you can substitute one meal on the go with a juice to make sure and keep your calories down. (And then maybe have a little room for a splurge at dinner.) This isn’t the most convenient idea if you’re with a group who will be eating in front of you, but if you’re active throughout the day and not really stopping to eat anyway than it can be a great option.

Eat Food that is Nourishing

When you’re on vacation don’t think that eating out means eating bad. Most cities have some awesome options when it comes to eating healthy whatever that means to you. Think organic, raw, vegetarian, vegan etc. These days alternative food options have a lot more options to feed the people than they used to, so take advantage of it.

Skip the Booze

Now deciding not to drink on a vacation is not always the most fun option, but it is a great way to give the body a break and also cut out some excess calories while you’re on the road. If you don’t want to avoid it completely, stick with lower sugar drinks like dry wines as opposed to fancy cocktails.


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