Let’s be honest, even the most posh of hotels out there are not our own bed, so sometimes getting a great night’s sleep can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips for making sure you get the best sleep possible when you’re on vacation.

Ask For a Quiet Room

Different rooms are going to be exposed to different noise levels for a variety of reasons, including what side of the building they are on, how close they are to the elevator, and even whether they are close to a vending machine or stairway. If you can get a room that is on the suite level you might find yourself with a higher ceiling which can give you a little extra distance from your upstairs neighbors. Try not to get a room that faces the pool, since people tend to congregate and party in those areas. The rooms midway down the hallway are generally more quiet than the ends because there is less foot traffic to deal with.

Ask About Bedding Options

Some hotels will have multiple pillow options for you to choose from if you just ask. They often have extra pillows of different firmness to offer some options for the more picky sleeper. If you’re traveling with a friend you can always request that you get two beds as opposed to one so that you don’t have to toss and turn next to another person. Always ask the hotel if they have blackout shades which will keep the light out and ensure that you get the most restful sleep possible and wake up when your body is ready instead of when the sun comes up.

You should also ask to see if the hotel can offer you some sort of a white noise machine which can help to mask out sounds during the night. If they do not have one you might be able to find a suitable option on your cell phone, as many apps out there provide some sort of white noise to fall asleep to. Always call the front desk before bed and ask them to hold your calls as well, since otherwise the phone might ring through during the night and wake you.

Come Prepared

Hotels will do everything they can to make sure that you are comfortable, but they also don’t have it all. To be safe always bring your own earplugs and eyeshade. If there’s a certain scent you prefer that would make you feel more alone you can always bring your own air freshener or candles to burn to make things smell nice. Some people even like to bring their own pillowcase if you are set on a certain type of fabric for your utmost relaxation. Remember to turn down the thermostat before bed since it is easier to sleep in cooler temperatures, and hang the do not disturb sign on the door so housekeeping doesn’t wake you up in the morning.

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