Traveling can get pretty expensive, so most people are looking to save money whenever it’s possible. Here are some hidden ways to save money at hotels that you might not have considered before.

Check Prices Online Before You Extend a Stay

If you are already checked into a hotel and plan on extending your stay, always check online to see the current prices before doing it. The prices can change frequently and if you are unaware that they have dropped the hotel is not necessarily going to offer you the deal if you are willing to pay the current rate that you have been paying.

Check Prices of Airport Hotels

Sometimes you can save a lot of money of plane tickets if you just take a flight at a different hour of the day, so checking prices at airport hotels can give some extra options if you need to stay a night at one of those. Even though you might be paying for an extra night at a hotel, if it drops the ticket price significantly it can be worth it. Not to mention, many airport hotels offer free parking, so if you can swing it where you get to leave your car there and take the free shuttle to the airport then you can get away with not paying for airport parking while you are away on your vacation.

See if They Have a Best Price Guarantee

Many hotels and other companies offer best price guarantees which means that if you find a better deal from a competitor they will match it. Some booking sites will refund you the difference if you find a cheaper hotel room within a certain amount of time than they booked you in. This can be nice when you don’t have tons of time to look for deals because you can do it in retrospect.

Go Directly to the Hotel Website

When hotels use booking services they have to pay the commision to the middle man, so sometimes they will offer deals on their websites to people who book directly through them. This doesn’t always offer the best deal but it does give you some room for bargaining, since you can ask them to match prices if you see them lower somewhere else.

Ask if They Have an Airport Shuttle

Many hotels offer transportation to and from the airport even if it is not advertised. It’s always a good idea to ask just in case, because there is certainly no harm in doing so. Even if they don’t have a shuttle of their own they might have a relationship with a shuttle or taxi company where they can get you a good competitive deal and save you some money as opposed to calling your own taxi. You can also ask them for taxi recommendations in general, since they usually will be able to hook you up with some deals.

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