If you’re planning a trip to England anytime soon you might be wondering about the food options. Or perhaps you’ve been and didn’t feel like you got a complete experience of the country’s most authentic meals. Here are some of the foods that are must tries when you’re in the area.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are practically synonymous with England, and they should not be skipped. Chips of course refer to thick cut fries, and the fish is battered and fried. The dish is traditionally eaten with salt and vinegar for a tasty treat. This meal can be commonly found all over the place, even when the restaurant is no actually close to the ocean.

Sunday Roast

The Sunday roast is traditionally eaten from 12 to 5 on Sundays. Roast options include beef, chicken, pork, or vegetable, but it is crucial that you get your Yorkshire pudding on the side to make the meal authentic. In addition to Yorkshire pudding you should also get potatoes, gravy, and vegetables. Yes, it’s a large meal. But it’s Sunday!

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and mash is a fun name for sausage and potatoes, which is a popular dish for filling up and staying warm on those cold rainy days.

Eton Mess

The Eton Mess is a dessert that was named after a prestigious boys school, The dish is basically just cream, strawberries, and crushed meringue, and it is quite delicious. Sometimes it is also made with ice cream and/or different types of fruit, but the original is a classic.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

The sticky toffee pudding is a sponge cake with raisins or dates, then covered with toffee, and served with either custard or ice cream. Sticky and delicious. This dessert first originated in Scotland.

The Full English Breakfast

The full English breakfast lives up to its name, it’s big, and it will fill you up. The full breakfast is generally eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, toast, and blood pudding. Many people favor it is a hangover meal when a few too many pints are taken down the night before. The full English breakfast is also generally pretty cheap.

Beef Wellington

The beef wellington is a classic dish where flank steak is sometimes covered in pate and then rolled into a puff pastry before being cooked. It is a warm and filling dish, with both substantial meat and a light, flaky crust. Originally it was assumed that the dish was named after the Duke of Wellington, but now it’s thought it might be named after the town of Wellington New Zealand. Either way it’s a British classic.

Afternoon Tea

You can’t go to England without enjoying some tea! The afternoon tea service will do it right so that you get the full experience. Afternoon is meant to be enjoyed over a couple hours, so there’s no rushing here. Along with tea a tea service generally includes pastries, scones, and finger sandwiches. Many top things off with a glass of champagne as well.

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