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When you go to New York there are some food items that you just must try. They have historical meaning to the area and they are also delicious, after have been perfected over so many years. Here are some of the top pics.

Hot Dogs

You can find a hot dog on almost every street corner in New York. The hot dog was first introduced to New York through Coney Island, where it either came from Vienna or Frankfurt. The original version was all beef and first sold from stands before going storefront as well. Most places in the city will still serve the all beef kind, as opposed to the pork ones were used to getting at baseball games and cookouts.


Bagels in New York just taste better, and many people say this has something to do with the water that they use to cook them. Whatever it is, they shouldn’t be missed. Many places serve up their best bagels with heaps of cream cheese and lox for a delicious and filling breakfast treat.

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Manhattan clam chowder is thought to be an Italian-American creation and was original called Coney Island clam chowder. Unlike it’s thick cream based cousin New England clam chowder, the Manhattan version uses a thin tomato based broth. It tends to have a bit more veggies added to the mix as well.


Coal burning pizza ovens were introduced in New York, and they make a big difference in how they cook. The coal burning ovens can get 200 degrees hotter than the wood ovens, which changes the crust quite a bit. Pizza is good almost anywhere in New York, so it can be fun to try out as many different slices as possible while you’re there. It shouldn’t be hard to do since slices can be purchased on just about every block.


Cheesecake has been around for many years, but the current version is different than the original that was made from cheese curds. What we are familiar with as cheese cake is the Jewish version, which was first introduced in the 1870’s. Jewish immigrants in New York city really stepped up the game and in 1950 Junior’s restaurant in Brooklyn started selling amazing cheesecakes and is still considered one of the best places to get them.

Fried Chicken and Waffles

The chicken and waffles meal was created in Harlem, as a way to feed the late night crowd leaving jazz clubs who couldn’t decideĀ if it was time for dinner or breakfast. It is still extremely popular today thanks to its mixture of sweet and savory goodness.

Pastrami On Rye

The pastrami sandwich is another New York classic. It’s generally served think on a rye bread or roll, and the only side you really need to enhance the meal is a heaping plate of pickles. Many people even skip the sides like french fries altogether, since they’re just not necessary for enjoying the sandwich.

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