Mexico is responsible for introducing the world to chocolate, corn, and chilis, so it has a pretty rich history when it comes to food. Here are some of the foods that you have to try when you’re in the country.


Chilaquiles is a popular breakfast dish that is characterized by the lightly fried corn tortillas that are topped with a bunch of good stuff. They start with red or green salsa, generally followed by eggs, chicken, cheese, and cream. The eggs might be fried or scrambled.


The history behind the soup pozole says that it was used during ritual sacrifices in the past. Today it is enjoyed commonly with either chicken, pork, or vegetables. It’s generally stewed overnight with hominy corn and plenty of spices, and then topped with onion, radish, lettuce, lime, and chili.


Tostadas are toasted tortillas topped with any variety of garnishes. This usually includes refried beans, cheese, meats, lettuce, onion, etc. Sometimes they look a bit like a salad. Lightly frying those tortillas makes the tostada a perfect meal to make out of stale tortillas.


Elote is basically corn on the cob, with a flavorful upgrade. Instead of just slathering the corn with butter, it’s also topped with mayonnaise, sour cream, chili powder, and lime juice. It’s usually served on a stick but can also be found with the kernels off the cob.


Mole is a must try sause in Mexico. There are many different types of mole, but all of them share a complexity that is accomplished by mixing together 20 or more different ingredients. They generally take a long time to cook since they are cooked slowly and stirred often. Mole is served on meat for the most part.


Tamales are unique in their preparation, as their cooking process includes being steamed in corn husks. The dish starts with corn dough that is stuffed with fillings like meat, chicken, or even fruits or vegetables. Then it is steamed, and served with the husk on. The husk is peeled away and a delicious meal is inside. The tamale was reportedly created when the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca people needed to fuel up before going into battle.


Guacamole is incredibly popular in the U.S., and you’ve probably even made your own at some point, but it’s still a must eat when you’re in Mexico. The dip and food topping is made with ripe avocados, garlic, lime juice, tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers. Guacamole is of course popularly served as dips with tortilla chips, and it is also the perfect topping for any spicy dish.

Chiles en nogada

Chiles en nogada is a dish that looks pretty patriotic thanks to its colors mirroring those on the flag. It’s made by stuffing poblano chilis with meat, fruit, and spices, then covered with a walnut based cream sauce and topped with pomegranate seeds. The history behind it is that it originated in Puebla, and was served to┬áDon Agustin de Iturbide, the liberator and subsequent Emperor of Mexico.

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