Most people love chocolate, but as with any other food type out there some country in the world has to be consuming the most of it. Here are some facts about who eats the most chocolate. (And some other food types as well.)


Switzerland comes out on top when it comes to chocolate consumption. The Swiss consume around 22.36 pounds per person per year. Austria comes in second second place with 20.13 pounds per person per year, and Ireland comes in third with 19.47 pounds per person per year. So if you feel like you eat a lot of chocolate, know that someone out there is probably eating more than you.


While pizza might not have originated in the United States, the country eats the most it. Some research has found that Americans eat 100 acres of pizza each day, which comes out to 350 slices per second. There are 61,269 pizzerias in the United States, and the pizza industry is a $30 billon per year industry.

Ice Cream

Again people in the United States are eating the most of ice cream as well. Americans are eating about 18.3 liters of ice cream each in a year, which is about double what everyone else in the world is eating. (Blame it on the portion sizes?)


When it comes to cheese France wins out on eating the most. The average person in France eats 25.9 kilograms each year. The next on the list is 25.2 kilograms in Iceland which is a pretty close margin, followed by 24.7 in Finland.


When it comes to big bread eaters, that would be Turkey. People in Turkey eat 440 pounds of bread per person each year. That means they are eating three times their body weight in bread annually.


As for the sweet treat of candy, some places are more likely to snack than others. People in Denmark eat the most candy in the world, with each person eating about 36 pounds of the stuff each year. (The measurement for candy in this case did not include gum or chocolate, so we’re talking straight candy.)


Australia is the country that eats the most meat in the world. Each year the average Australian will eat 205 lbs of beef, veal, poultry, pork, and sheep meat. America comes in second with 200.6 pounds per person per year, and Israel comes in third at 189.6 pounds per person each year.


When it comes to bacon specifically, America comes out on top. The average American eats 17.9 pounds of bacon each year, which comes out to a group average of 1.7 billion pounds each year.


As for eggs, it seems that Mexico comes out on top on consumption. For a while it was Paraguay, but now it seems as though eggs are eaten the most in Mexico. The average person eats about 365 eggs each year, which of course could come out to about one each day.


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